Why I Hated Myself

Salespeople piss me off…

No different than big corporations, spinning bullshit half-truths and lies all the time.

The “wealth creation” sector is one of the worst (financial services, property sales, etc etc).

Sometimes it seems like the major financial services companies exist only to transfer wealth from us to them…

I’ve wasted big bucks on crappy managed funds by major investment banks (and others), and it led me to Tony Robbins book, Unshakeable (which is a shortened down version of his big book Money, Master the Game – written out of disgust of what went down in the GFC)…

Please read it.

If you do nothing else this year for your financial future, just read that book.

And listen to Tony talk on a few podcasts. He’s really genuine, and super-well researched…

Did I just bag my industry and say a naughty word?

… a wise man once said “you can’t take back the word once spoken”.

He’s right.

Someone told me I should never use language like that on my emails.

Somebody will surely get OFFENDED.

But I came across this funny clip by an Australian comedian, Steve Hughes: https://youtu.be/fHMoDt3nSHs

… and stumbled on the quote “those who are easily offended, should be offended more often”.

I agree.

Someone else also told me that I’m a salesperson, and I’m part of the wealth creation sector…

I thought to myself, “that’s why I hate myself”.

There’s so much pretending in sales.

  • Fake smiles.
  • I hated the talk-myself-up scene.
  • I hated the get-the-sale scene.
  • I hated networking and the pretending that goes on there.
  • I hated the mask we all wear, pretending to have EVERYTHING sorted in our lives.

I was doing all this, and still trying to do the absolute best for my clients. I would always uphold the highest of standards when presenting loan options to them…

But I was pretending.

Pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Pretending (to myself) to be some almighty awesome salesperson, busier than the busiest…

I mean, I was busy and I was working harder than just about anyone I knew… and making great money — but really, WHO CARES?

Nobody. Because it just doesn’t matter. None of that matters.

I hated myself.

And I started to hate the industry I worked in.

So, after about 12 successful years as a broker and 5 years in banking, I sold my business and took a couple of years off, and went in to other businesses.

They didn’t work out. But it didn’t work out because I failed my highest values, lacked integrity and didn’t live in sync with who I really am.

Oh well.

I started meditating – mindfulness meditation, and often a “loving kindness” meditation.

I care a lot less about things that don’t matter. I don’t think it’s because of the meditation, but it’s probably one of the key pillars.

I don’t hate anything and nothing really bothers me.

Salespeople don’t really piss me off anymore, I realised it was just me disliking things about myself… A combination of being introverted, and probably ego and insecurities. And other things, no doubt haha.

Meditation has probably helped but it’s not the only thing. I am still a bit shy and awkward at times – that’s just my nature… I’m now the happiest and most content I’ve ever been.

And now, I LOVE my work.

Personally, I’m on this crazy hard-lined path where I’m constantly striving to learn and get better, every single day. I have a LONG WAY to go.

I’m also in to Stoicism (a type of ancient philosophy), and as Tim Ferriss says – it’s the “operating system for life”.

And… Just in case you want to know – through all of this, I’ve found my highest VALUE.

Something I’ve always been good at.

Helping people.

Often in just little ways, through short conversations.

I’m good at rationalising the complex in to logical decisions.

In work, it means I can help and advise people.

And I don’t care if you get a loan through me, or not. It doesn’t matter.

My highest value means that I just try to help anybody I talk to. If you’ve spoken to me, you’ll know this already. I don’t go hard for the sale.

Sometimes people still look at me weird, and think it was silly to re-establish my mortgage broker business back in 2016 with the name EXACTLY…

But it matches my personality, personal values, and the outcomes that I want to deliver for my clients and friends.

I also have a tendency to get ultra-detailed and super-specific, and then simplify it all in the end – converting the complex in to something simple.

And that’s what Exactly is about…

Ultra detailed, specifics. Along with information you probably won’t find with other mortgage brokers.

So when we work together, you’ll have to read through my detailed advice to reach the simplicity at the end 😉

Thanks for reading this far…


P.S. Loan applications get personal… So I figured I should be getting personal with you, so hopefully you know me a little better now 🙂

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