The Future of Home Loan Interest Rates in Australia

Don’t listen to the media if you’re trying to forecast future interest rates. In the last 7 days, I’ve seen a respected news organisation publish the complete opposite views – rates have three more hikes, and no more rate hikes to come.   FFS, who do we listen to? I’ve long said that 100% of […]

Small interest rate cut, big compound savings

The average mortgage costs roughly an extra $600,000 due to the rate rises over the past year or so ($600K over 30yrs at roughly a 4% increase)… Compounding interest can be a real kick in the guts.  If it’s in the banks favour, it costs us a fortune. But compounding interest can also work for […]

New Tax Year – Government Incentives, Taxes and other things for Property Owners

The new financial year begins tomorrow, and there’s some pretty cool things for people looking to enter the property market (not just first home buyers). There’s also some shitty new taxes for property owners. ​I thought today would be good to give a snapshot of the changes. Also, be wary on the streets tonight because 30 […]

The No BS Way To Earn Money While You Sleep 

I’ve been looking for some different ways to help you become debt-free faster.  If you could get a 5% pay rise by taking a 10-minute nap each day, and nothing else, would you take that offer?  …what everybody is thinking right now:  For more than a decade I’ve been determined to understand my sleep habits, […]

Bad Tastes, and Free Money

Most people have been dealt another shit sandwich this month, with interest rates going up again.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually eaten a shit sandwich… But I do have a sneaky suspicion it tastes something like this:  Rising living expenses are adding to this bad taste. For a simple way to find an […]

Why I’m Pissed About All The Interest Rate Rises

When rates went so low, blind Freddy knew rates under 2% were going to result in a hard rebound upward.    They (the RBA/government/covid conspirers) had a long time to work out alternatives to the big interest rate increases we’re experiencing now.    Some would say it’s part of their grand plan, but I just […]

FFS Not Another Finance Email

FFS not another finance email! This is the response I got when telling folks I was planning to request the privilege of being allowed in your inbox once per week.  So I thought it better be helpful, educational and sometimes a little bit entertaining. Concise and always with a few helpful topics – from finance […]

Why I Hated Myself

Salespeople piss me off… No different than big corporations, spinning bullshit half-truths and lies all the time. The “wealth creation” sector is one of the worst (financial services, property sales, etc etc). Sometimes it seems like the major financial services companies exist only to transfer wealth from us to them… I’ve wasted big bucks on […]