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Our interactive loan search takes you behind the scenes of what we do as mortgage brokers, so you will see all our secrets as we uncover the best deal for you.

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With access to over 40 lenders, we find the best fit for you. We then negotiate directly with the banks’ pricing departments to make sure you save on your loan from day one.

Detailed Advice

We take time to explain the technical side of your loan application, including lending policies, rather than just show you interest rates and product information.  We then tailor a solution to best meet your needs.

Constant Rate Negotiation

We conduct regular loan reviews by contacting your lender and using market information to encourage them to lower your interest rate. We’re always working to save you money.

Personal Touch

We offer a unique combination of old-fashioned service and modern technology so we can work with you wherever you’re located, while still providing a personal relationship with someone you can trust. 


When you experience Exactly, our detailed and transparent approach will leave you feeling confident you’ve got the right loan and delighted that you found a mortgage broker you can trust.

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Sue's Story

Sue wanted to save money off her home loan and her investment property loans.

Listen to Sue explain her experience with her mortgage broker, Adam King, and the massive impact the advice had on her life.

Lucinda's Story

Lucinda wanted to restructure her finances, so needed someone who really knows their stuff – when it comes to combining business and residential finance.

Listen to Lucinda explain how quickly and efficiently her mortgage broker from Exactly was able to identify her needs and restructure her loans.

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